Back in high school, I used to spend hours propped up on a bar stool with my nose in magazines. Wouldn't it be cool if I worked at a magazine? I thought to myself as I flipped through the pages. That was before I went to business school. Then, sometime in 2008—after graduating from university, after moving home from Paris where I worked as a salesgirl for Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior—I got an internship at Wish. Ever since then, I've had the opportunity to write, edit, fact check and copyedit stories—learning the craft through my own experiences and by reading (and copy editing!) some of North America's best writers. 

My work travels have taken me to swoon-worthy locales like St. Martin and Roscoff, France. Living the dream? Yes—two per cent of the time. But 98 per cent of my time is spent obsessively consulting the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, and researching ideas and re-reading stories until my eyes go blurry. I love it.

I've written extensively about health, fitness and beauty, and have an educational background in commerce. I've worked for Glow, Wish, FASHION and Oxygen magazines. Check out my clips.

I'm available for writing, editing, proofreading, copyediting and fact-checking jobs.

GET IN TOUCH: or (647) 539-6914.